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How to win a $1,000,000 CDFI Grant

Watch the Secrets to Winning Webinar

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Learn all the "Secrets to Winning a $1,000,000 CDFI Grant" from CU Strategic Planning. Our expert writers have won over $945,000,000 in awards for CDFIs since 2008.


The webinar was originally held in 2019, and still contains valuable information to help you determine how to define your opportunity, know your options, and create a plan for applying. Fill out the form below to stream it now.


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Webinar Summary - April 18, 2019

Learn the secrets of the #1 CDFI grant writing team in the credit union industry in this interactive webinar. Hear directly from Chief Strategic & Advocacy Officer, Mike Beall as he discusses the keys to winning a CDFI award. You'll learn how CU Strategic Planning helped credit unions obtain CDFI certification and win over $120 million in grants, resulting in a $5 billion increase in lending. Don't let the 527 pages of CDFI application materials and federal guidance intimidate you.

Here are just a few of the 'take aways' you'll leave with after participating in this exclusive event:

Define The Opportunity


  • Funding: How can you spend the $1 million grant?

  • Learn: How the grant is reviewed and how to score the most points to win the grant.

  • Understand: What the application questions are really asking.

Know Your Options  


  • Determine: Should you write it in-house or hire a contractor?

  • Recommendations: Best practices for approaching a CDFI grant

  • Program Types: What type of project is most likely to win and what type of program to avoid?

Create A Plan


  • Resources: Who should be involved in the project and what should you budget?  

  • Timeline: Are you ready to apply now or should you wait? What steps need to happen, when?  

  • 6 Essentials: An actionable checklist to get you started!  

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