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Developing Credit Union Best Practices

Best Practices

You may be surprised to learn that we've developed more best practices than almost any other organization in the credit union industry. A bold claim for a small consulting firm, but true. In developing over 129 award-winning CDFI applications, each required groundbreaking new products, policies, partnerships, and programs. As a result, we've created more than a few innovations shared with hundreds of credit unions.


Our best practices drive loan growth and create a new standard for ROA that is four times the industry average.


From HERO: Community Development Certified Financial Counseling,© to Community Development Across Missouri, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana, the replication of our work has helped credit unions to improve the lives of thousands and achieve a double bottom line.

Reshaping the industry:

  • Made the industry shift bringing credit unions over $1 billion in assets into the CDFI field.

  • Established the first state-wide credit union CDFI program with networked applications and shared funding for league education.


  • Philosophy is Good Business Profitability Model© has been featured at SW CUNA Management School and driven the ROA of our clients over four times the industry average.


  • Established the first state-wide partnership between credit unions and the United Way through the ALICE program.

Our Best Practices

  • ​First Voice© Participatory Action Research

  • HERO: Community Development Certified Financial Counseling©

  • Community Development Across Missouri© 

  • Community Development Across Florida©

  •  Community Development Across the Southeast©

  • Community Development Across Louisiana©

  • Joint Opportunities for Business and Job Creation (JOB)

  • Community Resource Centers (CRC)

  • Model Grant Administration Policy

  • All Voices© SWOT Ranked Prioritization

  • 52 data-point Credit Union Market Analysis©

  • Household Stabilization for Neighborhood Revitalization© Program

  • Student Retention Loans©

  • Business Readiness Loans©

  • Second Chance Pell Grant Payoff Loans©

  • Lead Abatement Loans©

  • Resettlement Loans©

  • Get to Work© Program

  • Financial Inclusion Mortgage Loans©

  • Opportunity Youth Auto Loans©

  • Partner Pre-Collections Servicing©

  • Nou Ka Hale©

  • Credit, Cash, and Coaching Initiative©

  • United Way ALICE partnerships

  • Driving Equity to Home Ownership©

  • Philosophy is Good Business Profitability Model©

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