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Community Development Financial Institutions

CDFI 2023- What Comes Next for CDFI Credit Unions

CDFI 2023 cover image.jpg

This comprehensive webinar will cover critical information that CDFI credit unions will need to know in 2023, including:

  • Existing Grants

  • The New Certification Coming 2023

  • Future Awards

Join our team of experts including Chief Experience Officer Mike Beall, President/CEO Stacy Augustine, VP of Grant Compliance Christine Duncan and Senior Partner of Total Spectrum John McKechnie as they discuss:

  • Our predicted timeline for the new CDFI Certification

  • Best practices to stay in compliance with the new CDFI Certification

  • Ideas to help avoid a CDFI Cure letter, and what to do if you get one in 2023

  • Be in it to win it! Ways to win 2023 CDFI FA and TA Grants

Watch the Webinar

Please provide some information about yourself and you'll be sent an email link for the webinar.

Looking for more information about CDFI opportunities for your credit union? Let's talk.

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