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Statement Regarding Use of Deidentified Data

Dear valued stakeholders,


We are in the business of providing consulting and data analytics services to the credit union industry.  We use deidentified information to develop and improve products and services and to create tools to measure the impact of such products and services for credit unions and the communities they serve.   

As part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of consumers, we want to address the use of deidentified information in compliance with applicable privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act, the Colorado Privacy Act, Connecticut’s Act Concerning Data Privacy and Online Monitoring, and the Utah Consumer Privacy Act.  Under these laws, deidentified information is defined as information that cannot reasonably identify, relate to, describe, be capable of being associated with, or be linked, directly or indirectly, to a particular consumer or household. 

When we use deidentified information, we take steps to ensure that the information cannot be reasonably used to identify an individual, household or any device associated with such consumer or household.  We do not attempt to reidentify the information so any deidentified information in our possession will remain as such. 


We will continue to monitor and comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of deidentified information.


Thank you for your continued trust in our company.

See our Privacy Policy for how we protect any personal data you provide through the use of our website. 

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