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Credit Union Business Development

First Voice: Community Development Summit

CU Strategic Planning grows credit union loan portfolios by opening doors between credit unions and non-profits. These doors are opened by listening, NOT marketing. Learn more about hosting a groundbreaking participatory action event.

First Voice

What is First Voice?

It is a "participatory action" event. More than a focus group, it drives action. Are other organizations sending loans to you because you have shared goals to help people? They will after this meeting. 


  • Loan growth

  • Reduced marketing expense for long-term lending pipelines

  • Recognition as a community leader

  • Regional media coverage

  • Access to local grants

  • Product development 

  • New partners

How does it work?

Non-profits need credit unions. They just don't know it. Getting them to the "a-ha" isn't telling them. They need to see it for themselves. First Voice event is hosted by your credit union, facilitated by CU Strategic Planning.


Step 1: Non-profits, social service agencies, and local foundations share their signature programs and barriers to helping more people- their clients' access to capital. A shared epiphany that your products are the solution changes everything.  

Step 2: You package products to meet their clients' needs (just like SEGs) and execute partnership agreements to work with the clients of the non-profit. 

Step 3: The non-profits send you loans. It's that easy!



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