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The CDFI Emergency Support and Minority Lending Grant

Is Your Credit Union Prepared for the CDFI Emergency Support and Minority Lending Grant?

minority lending webinar

The Treasury has said it will be rolling out the long-awaited $1.75B Emergency Support and Minority Lending Program Grant funds in the spring of 2022. That’s over five times as much as the CDFI’s FY 2022 budget, and spring is in the air… are you ready?

This March 16, 2022 webinar walks you through how to evaluate your credit union’s current position in minority lending and teach you the benefits of strengthening that position—for this grant and for the good of your credit union overall.

Our Chief Strategy and Advocacy Officer Mike Beall and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Ronaldo Hardy walk you through:

  • Do you need to be an MDI to apply?

  • Could your credit union qualify as an MDI?

  • What should you do to prepare?


Prepare now with this webinar that will unlock the funding for your credit union. Fill out the form below to view the webinar and learn more.

Watch the Webinar

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