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Arturo Iturralde

Data Analyst

Like a certain Nobel-winning economist, Arturo discovered his love of math’s predictive uses when he read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series as a child. He went on to earn a degree in actuarial science with a minor in business and became familiar with the regulatory world in work as a data analyst for various state agencies in Florida.

He’s pleased that by joining us he’ll be able to use those actuarial skills at a company that has a mission to help credit unions all over the country improve their communities. Combine that with a collaborative environment that brings together a mostly remote team, and it seemed like the perfect fit for this lifelong credit union member.

Arturo lives in Tallahassee, where he’s spent nearly all his life. He has a Bachelor of Science from FSU, and in his spare time you might find him in his vegetable gardening or studying history. And he claims to have successfully performed a back flip in the past, so we’re planning on making him demonstrate some day – after he gets a chance to practice a little. We’re confident he’ll accurately quantify the risk.

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