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Grace Cale

Data Dweeb
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Grace Cale


Director of Research and Data Analytics


She’s far too precise to describe it this way herself, but we like to say Grace literally wrote the book on credit unions—her doctoral dissertation is focused on credit union stability during financial crises.

Her interest in the relationship between politics and finance developed as she studied inequalities, social movements, market failures, and financial crises in graduate school. But to tell the truth there were signs long before that—she recalls being fascinated by the Enron scandal as an 11-year-old. Add to that an aunt and sister working in the credit union industry, and it’s only natural that she would find her way here.

Grace has the formidable task of future-proofing our research and data processes. As CU Strategic Planning grows, she’s working on a way to organize, automate, and easily access a higher volume of data than ever before. Her work ensures that we’ll be able to give our clients and projects the same unparalleled level of attention and dedication we always have.

When not knee-deep in data, Grace splits her leisure time between horror movies, video games, photography, and restoring a 1966 Chevy C10. This is all done under the watchful eye of one cat and a sleeping Greyhound. Her husband is deployed in the foreign service, and when the stars align they plan to both work in the same country—whichever one that may be.