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Shirley Senn


Chief Consulting Officer

Shirley’s journey in the financial services industry began more than 30 years ago, armed with a degree in Agriculture Economics and a dream of trading commodities. Her first gig with Merrill Lynch and Prudential Securities as a Financial Advisor sounded promising, but something felt amiss. Then, a colleague introduced her to the world of credit unions and after that she never looked back.

Since then, Shirley has donned multiple hats – from asset liability management to investment management, risk assessment to community development. Her passion for assisting credit unions in unlocking opportunities for credit unions to serve more communities and underserved populations had led to a 100% approval rating on over 110 field of membership and charter applications and expansions.

Before joining CU Strategic Planning with in 2015, she was Vice President of Asset Liability Management at a corporate credit union. Not only did she champion risk management, but she also led the charge in creating member-centric products and initiatives, helping natural person credit unions to become even better at serving their members and communities.

Shirley's love for research and data analytics is like a superpower. She understands that the surface-level opportunities and challenges faced by a credit union are just the tip of the iceberg. Real comprehension demands delving into the depths of data while maintaining human insight and compassion.

Her professional development is a testament to her dedication to the industry. She earned her Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE) designation in 2013, Development Educator Europe in 2018, and the International CUDE in 2019. Beyond her professional prowess, Shirley's heart beats for community development and volunteerism. She's a passionate animal lover, having volunteered with organizations like K9 for Warriors and Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding. She continues to champion nonprofits focused on youth empowerment, domestic violence, Main Street Revitalization projects and Alzheimer's advocacy.

When she's not saving the world one credit union at a time or volunteering her time and energy, Shirley is a globe-trotting adventurer. She's only got two more states to visit in the US, and she's already checked off more than 40 countries worldwide from her travel bucket list.

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