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DEIBA? What's with the B and the A?

You know Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. B is Belonging. If we do all of the first three right, the outcome should be this: that the person feels like they belong, right. And that's a little bit different than inclusion. Because I can include you and you still not feel like you belong.

So the environment has to be designed in a way that advances there. And now if we do Diversity, Inclusion and Equity right, it's very difficult to not get to a place of feeling, a sense of belonging.

And then the A is for Accessibility. Accessibility is very important because bias seeks to block access. That's what it does. It's blocking individual access to systems. And what it does in an organizational context is that when bias is enacted, we block individual access to systems or structures or whatever the case may be. We block that access to things that will cause success for them. We block individual access to success.

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