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NEW! Credit Union DEI Certification from CU Strategic Planning

Credit Union Strategic Planning works hard to model Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in everything we do. We’re bringing even more of that goodness to credit unions with our new DEI Certification for credit unions!

After personally working on DEI efforts at the credit unions he ran, CU Strategic Planning D&I Officer Ronaldo Hardy is bringing his expertise in this area, leadership development and human resources training to more credit unions.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

The program runs a full year, including six months of intense education and training, and then six additional months of a project that will be implemented in your organization. The certification program is rigorous. CU Strategic Planning’s program begins with Harvard’s Implicit Association test as part of the Unconscious Bias Assessment to determine the organization’s baseline. Team members are confidentially assessed for potential bias in the areas of race, gender, disability and sexuality. We take it a step further with those in leadership who are making the hiring decisions, digging into weight, skin tone and age. All data are aggregated.

CU Strategic Planning reviews the results along with recruiting practices, demographic composition across the entire organization, disciplinary actions and lending and collection practices. Then, a customized training plan is developed based on all of the information gathered and insights gleaned.

We’re excited to see the energy, change and transformation around DEI in the credit union community. We cannot wait to walk alongside you on the transformational journey your credit union is looking for.

For more information on Hardy’s thoughts regarding the business case for DEI, download this free knowledge report, 7 Ways Highly Profitable Credit Union Calculate the Value of DEI.

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