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Credit Union Profitability Training

Credit Union Profitability Workbook

credit union profitability workbook

Credit unions operate in a dynamically changing financial industries market.

Shifts in the economy, interest rates, and the labor market require ongoing changes to each institution’s business model to ensure profitability. We’re sharing our 2017 profitability workbook to illustrate the training and consulting expertise that CU Strategic Planning offers.

Download the Workbook

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This workbook will teach you how to:

  • Evaluate how significant business decisions impact profitability.

  • Incorporate the five components of profitability into annual strategic planning meetings and use the five components as a dashboard measurement and lens for decision making. 

  • Enlighten employees to effectively understand the impact tactical suggestions have on the profitability model.

  • Develop an understanding by board members to hold one another accountable for suggestions made to management that would harm the profitability of the credit union.

  • And much more!

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