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Credit Union Loan Growth

Grow Loans With a Loan Loss Guarantee  

Solving the Two-Headed Monster: Falling Loan-to-Share and Low Investment Yield

Could increasing your loan volume with guaranteed loan loss reserves benefit your credit union? Of course.


Learn how a loan-loss guarantee fund helps credit unions overcome the current climate of falling loan-to-share & low investment yield.​ This is critical information with NCUSIF premiums lurking and CDFI grants needing loan growth.

This July 2020 webinar answers the big question, "how do we weather the perfect storm?" Fill out the form below to view the presentation.

Watch the Webinar

Rebuilding communities across the country will require strong, stable credit unions. Before the coronavirus pandemic, many credit unions were looking for strategies to increase loan-to-share. Now, coupled with low investment rate yield, many institutions face twin obstacles that make serving their communities more challenging than ever.


The good news? Credit unions that embrace innovation face a future brighter than ever and can look forward to serving their communities for decades to come.


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