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Let Our Experience Speak to You


Expert Speakers for Your Credit Union Conference

We eat, sleep and breathe grant writing, strategic planning and community development. Because of this dedication and knowledge, our expert public speakers can turn any event or convention into a learning experience with the potential to grow and transform your credit union and community—and possibly land significant grant money. To bring the brightest minds in the business to your next event, contact us today!


Our speakers offer timely and valuable topics for your next function. Topics include:


Credit Union Profitability: Increase ROA and Net Worth

A dynamic introduction to the five components of credit union profitability. You'll learn how to develop strategies to grow your credit union while maintaining the safety and soundness that keeps regulators happy. Whether your credit union is struggling with profitability or poised to take the next step toward truly exceptional operations, this session is ideal for your board, CEO, CFO, COO, or VPs of Lending and Marketing. Take away: an analysis of participating credit unions is provided so that participants can apply the lessons learned to their own profitability.

Inventing Qualified Borrowers: Credit Union Philosophy Is Good Business

With the majority of credit unions experiencing low loan growth and reduced margins, how are a handful of credit unions maintaining a 100% loan-to-share ratio? You'll learn the answer in this informative session about inventing qualified borrowers. We'll use case studies and research conducted on behalf of the Filene Research Institute to illustrate how credit union philosophy can be good business!

Increasing Profitability, Relevance and Operational Effectiveness with a Strategic Audit

The greatest catalyst to credit union performance is a board and executive team acting on strategies informed by powerful objective data. A strategic audit identifies performance and marketplace insights and the non-resource dependent strategies to keep your credit union relevant, profitable and growing. The in-depth review additionally determines whether the credit union is meeting its objectives efficiently and effectively and uncovers improvement opportunities. A strategic audit imposes its own discipline on both the board and management, as much as the financial audit process.


The Biggest Opportunity For Credit Unions: The Hispanic Market

The Hispanic population has accounted for about half of the growth in the U.S. population since 1990, and this community is both a young and underserved market. This session will review the products, services, policies and marketing strategies that your credit union can utilize to attract these valuable members.


Strategic Planning: It’s Not Just a Day

Often credit union directors—and staff—think of strategic planning as an annual, and sometimes arduous exercise. But strategic planning isn’t just a day, it’s a process. Learn more about how your credit union can use strategic planning to leverage its effectiveness, improve the member experience, and remain nimble in a rapidly changing environment.


Fiduciary Responsibility & Risk for Credit Union Boards

Every year credit union boards are burdened with additional responsibility and risk in an increasingly complex financial services world. Learn more about what your legal duties are to the credit union—even as an unpaid board member—and how you can be sure that you both fulfill your duties and protect the credit union from potential liability.

Book one of our experienced, inspiring speakers:

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Mike Beall
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Sharon Hall

Speaking Experience

Below is a list of just some of the many successful speaking engagements we’ve contributed to:

  • American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL)

  • Volunteer Leadership Institute

  • Opportunity Finance Network

  • Credit Union Executive Society

  • Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Community Development and Growth Conference

  • CUNA, Small Credit Union Roundtable at the Government Affairs Conference

  • CUNA’s Lending Council

  • League of Southeastern Credit Unions

  • National Credit Union Foundation

  • Ohio Credit Union League

  • Missouri Credit Union Association

  • Idaho Credit Union League

  • Indiana Credit Union League

  • League of Southeastern Credit Unions

  • Virginia Credit Union League

  • Nebraska Credit Union League

  • Illinois Credit Union League

  • New Jersey Credit Union League, Reality Check

  • Alberta Central

  • National Cooperative Business Association

  • Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE) Workshop

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