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White Papers and Webinars

CU Strategic Planning is made up of credit union experts. You can get the benefits of a bit of this expertise below, with these white papers and webinars available for download. We're happy to discuss how we can put our experience to work for you — please contact us for more information.

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4 Reasons to Train Front Line Staff as Financial Counselors 

The traditional financial counselor model is no longer enough. If your credit union wants to remain competitive—and truly help your members to lead a life of financial freedom—you need to spread the knowledge deeper throughout your team.

CDFI Opportunities


Understand the opportunities in 2021 and 2022 for credit unions to create unique links in their communities and receive CDFI Grant Funding for these initiatives to help low to moderate income consumers.

Credit Union Profitability Workbook


Credit unions operate in a dynamically changing financial industries market. Shifts in the economy, interest rates, and the labor market require ongoing changes to each institution’s business model to ensure profitability. This workbook illustrates the training and  consulting expertise that CU Strategic Planning offers.

Grow Loans With a Loan Loss Guarantee

Could increasing your loan volume with guaranteed loan loss reserves benefit your credit union? Of course.


Learn how Proforma leverages direct lending relationships and a loan loss guarantee fund to help credit unions overcome the current climate of falling loan-to-share & low investment yield.​

The 5 Pillars of DEI


You understand DEI is a moral responsibility, with the ability to increase organizational performance and have bottom line impact. You're eager to get started on building out your strategy, but you have no idea what to do next. Here's how you find out.

7 Ways to Calculate the Value of DEI


Improvements in DEI can boost financial performance, improve employee performance, foster more innovation, improve member satisfaction and more.


Don't pass up this opportunity to help keep your credit union on the leading edge of growth and performance.

Insider Secrets to Win a $1 Million CDFI Grant

This white paper shares the secrets of the #1 CDFI grant writing team in the industry. Discover the secrets to our success and more.

Learn from the #1 Credit Union CDFI Grant Writers 


We have helped over 200 credit unions obtain CDFI certification and win over $120 million in grants, resulting in a $5 billion increase in lending. This one hour webinar explains how we did it and how you can do it too. Don't let the 527 pages of CDFI application materials and federal guidance intimidate you.

Does your Credit Union Qualify as a CDFI? 

To be eligible for a $1 million  CDFI Fund FA award, your credit union must first become a CDFI!  This white paper breaks down just how your credit union can qualify.