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Training specifically for your credit union staff.
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HERO Community Development Certified Financial Counseling is essential for organizations serving working-class, moderate- and low-income populations, including organizations that provide counseling, CDFIs, and low-income designated credit unions.

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Featuring HERO Online Financial Counseling Training

HERO provides training, testing and certification that will allow your staff to:

  • Better serve consumers

  • Safely increase lending beyond A and B borrowers, driving up ROA and profitability

  • Cultivate effective partnerships with cooperatives and community organizations also trained with HERO in order to achieve broader community revitalization.

I am proud to say that Erie FCU staff have embraced HERO training. It has equipped staff with the knowledge and tools to better assist our members in achieving their individual financial goals. The training helps to ensure that our team is up-to-date with the latest financial strategies and can offer informed advice to members.  It has not only enhanced our service quality but has also boosted staff confidence and job satisfaction. HERO has truly been instrumental in fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within Erie Federal Credit Union.

Brian J. Waugaman, CCE, CDCFC

Chief Executive Officer, Erie Federal Credit Union

Terri Hendrix, Vice President Business Development & Community Engagement, Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union

"Their foresight and vision have reframed how credit unions think about community development – that it is the catalyst to improving lives."

Jeff Conrad, CEO/President, Pelican State Credit Union

“Pelican has benefitted from their exceptional grant writing and program creation skills in winning over $11 Million in CDFI Financial Assistance grants since 2010. …Without these funds, Pelican and many other CDFI credit unions would be limited in our ability to serve members in dire need.”

Michael Abernathy, President/CEO, Buckeye State Credit Union

“[CU Strategic Planning] has been a vital partner to us and the success we have had in changing the financial lives of thousands of people in distressed northeast Ohio communities.”

Jon Jeffreys, President & CEO, Callahan and Associates

“The leaders at CU Strategic Planning are “credit union people.” They come from credit unions, corporate credit unions, or trade associations. The values they lead with are fueling credit union impact.”

Why Train your Front Line Staff as Financial Counselors?

The traditional financial counselor model is no longer enough. If your credit union wants to remain competitive—and truly help your members to lead a life of financial freedom—you need to spread the knowledge deeper throughout your team.

Course Overview

Get more information on this interactive, web-based staff training, testing and certification tool, including features, functionality and administration. Your consumer-facing staff can be certified on the very best techniques for identifying financial distress, intervening and coaching low and moderate income individuals and families – efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Contact us to set up a meeting and learn more about CU Classroom training for credit unions.

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