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Credit Union Business Plans and Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Planning

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than guiding credit unions to increase service to members and improve financial performance. We facilitate inspiring, transformative meetings.​

Why hire CU Strategic Planning to facilitate your meeting?

  • Invest your staff.

  • Inspire your board.

  • Improve your financials.

  • Make transformative moves with support from your examiner.


Our proprietary strategic planning process includes:

  • Introductory call to review your vision, financial ratios and current priorities.

  • Use of My Meeting Worksheet© to establish desired outcomes, issues to avoid and deeper-dive topics.

  • Introduction of the Credit Union International Operating Principles.

  • Board education on the credit union profitability model and application to your ROA.

  • Evaluation of threats and opportunities with our Credit Union Market Analysis©.

  • SWOT analysis using All Voices© and ranked prioritization.

  • Our 52 data-point Credit Union Market Analysis©.

  • Introduction of high-performing boards and self-assessment.

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