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For our ERP Consulting Clients

Access the Equitable Recovery Program Mapping site here:

We understand what makes a successful CDFI credit union. Our work covers the full spectrum of culture, policy, strategy and partnerships, and we create a detailed and thorough multi-year implementation roadmap that focuses on the four pillars of community development.

CU Results is about helping credit unions increase their relevance to their communities and become true Community Development Financial Institutions, through and through.

  • What barriers do you have in place to creating truly inclusive lending?

  • What is the training and culture like within your staff?

  • What can you do to truly understand your community and environment, to develop real relevance?

We co-create your five-year plan to increase relevance,   impact, loans and members. 

We do this through analysis of:

  • Environment and Market

  • Membership

  • Products

  • Development Services

  • Partnerships 

CU Results is integrated consulting. We’re here to help your credit union maximize its impact in your community and fully embody the cooperative spirit of community development finance.

For our ERP Consulting Clients

Access the Equitable Recovery Program Mapping site here:

The Four Pillars of Community Development

Optimizing CDFI resources

Increasing capacity and effectively implementing grant funding and strategies.

Improving lending policies

Analyzing your lending programs, policies and products to meet members' needs for financial empowerment.

Identifying opportunities in target markets and communities

Developing mission-aligned strategies, partnerships and engagement initiatives.

Achieving financial stability for member

Addressing organizational structure, creating sustainability to pave the way for enhanced member opportunity.

Fair Lending: a practical discussion
A Practical Discussion About Fair Lending

Joe Brancucci tackles the hot-button topic of fair lending from a practical perspective. In this webinar, he provides valuable advice and best practices to help your credit union live its cooperative principles and serve your community.

Increasing Your Target Market Lending Webinar

Looking to increase your CDFI lending in 2024 to meet compliance goals in 2025? Providing your Target Market with financial products and services is not only key to your mission, it's a requirement for retaining your CDFI status. Five of our own CDFI Lending experts share best practices and advice in this lively panel discussion.

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Get in touch to learn how CU Results can partner with your credit union to develop a thoughtful, effective, profitable and sustainable journey for your CDFI credit union.

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