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Consulting for Credit Union Success

CU Results

Relevant. Mission-Driven. Sustainable.

CU Results is the new, integrated consulting arm of CU Strategic Planning. We’re here to help your credit union maximize its impact in your community and fully embody the cooperative spirit of community development finance.

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Our work covers the full spectrum of culture, policy, strategy and partnerships, and we create a detailed and thorough multi-year implementation roadmap that focuses on the four pillars of community development.


CU Results is about helping credit unions increase their relevance to their communities and become true Community Development Financial Institutions.


  • What barriers do you have in place to creating truly inclusive lending?

  • What is the training and culture like within your staff?

  • What can you do to truly understand your community and environment, to develop real relevance?


It all begins with the member.


We create a five-year plan for your credit union to follow to become more relevant, have more impact and tell your story. 

We do this through analysis of:

  • Environment and Market

  • Membership

  • Products

  • Development Services

  • Partnerships 

Four Pillars of Community Development

The CU Results Team

Working with CU Results means working with the collective knowledge of all of CU Strategic Planning, the number one award-winning consultancy for CDFI credit unions. Leading the consulting are two credit union industry stars, each with decades of experience:

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Shirley Senn, ICUDE, Chief Consulting Officer/Co-Owner

Shirley's vision is laser-sharp when it comes to product and policy analysis.  She understands that the visible opportunities and challenges a credit union may be facing in their community is only the tip of the iceberg—and the full extent of what’s below the surface is only understandable with detailed and expansive data coupled with a nuanced human interpretation. She's worked in the areas of asset liability management, investment management, risk management, field of membership, community development and regulatory assistance. Shirley has also developed our proprietary community development impact tool for credit unions.   More...

Joe Brancucci, Executive Vice President, CU Results

Joe is a powerhouse in the credit union industry with over a half century spent working in financial services. He's passionate about the missions of CDFIs and has incorporated that passion in creating viable and sustainable programs to address the issues of the un- and underbanked during his many credit union years.  Before arriving at CU Strategic Planning Joe was SVP of Lending at Financial Partners CU, and has served as President of the CUSO CU Rate Reset, President/CEO of GTE Financial, EVP/COO/CLO at BECU,  and Chairman/CEO of Prime Alliance to name a few. More...   

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Get in touch to learn how CU Results can partner with your credit union to develop a thoughtful, effective, profitable and sustainable journey for your CDFI credit union.

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