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In the News

What the Callahan & Associates and CU Strategic Planning Alliance Means for Credit Unions

CU Broadcast, 4/24/24

Callahan & Associates, CU Strategic Planning Announce ‘Strategic Alliance’

CU Today, 4/23/24

Stepping Up to Serve the Latino and Hispanic Communities

CU Insight, 1/26/24

As CDFI Certification Is Finally Revised, Concerns Remain for CUs

CU Times, 12/8/23


Putting Cooperative Principles Into Practice

CU Management, 8/30/23


Achieve Triple-Bottom-Line Returns Through Relevance

CU Management, 7/11/23

Opportunity Knock$ at Pelican State Credit Union

CUNA News, 7/10/23


Maybe We Focus on Interest Rate Caps for Predatory Lenders, Not Credit Unions

The Credit Union Connection, 5/4/23


A Changing View Toward The Future. Literally.

CU Today, 3/19/23


Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Jamie Strayer Of Opportunity Knock$ Is Helping To Change Our World

Medium – Authority Magazine, 2/9/23

Big Banks Taking Big Swings – and Misses – in Minority, Underserved Markets   

The Credit Union Connection, 11/21/22             


A Dozen Dos and Don'ts of Leadership: Lessons Learned

CU Times, 11/14/22


How HERO Financial Counseling Program Has Changed Lives at JetStream FCU    

CU Broadcast, 8/23/22         


NorthPark Community CU Saves More Than $200k by Going Virtual; CDFI Funding Plays Important Role      

Finopotamus, 6/3/22            

Why CU Financial Counselors Are Shifting Focus 

CU Today, 6/28/22   

What CDFI Certification is Really About

CUToday, 4/9/22

4 ways a DEI lens aids succession planning & continued relevance for credit unions 

CUInsight, 2/28/22               

White Men Can’t Jump Ship When Talking Diversity

CU Times, 2/22/22    

Credit unions seeking CDFI certification should plan ahead (far ahead)

CUInsight, 1/19/22 

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