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Blane Bray

Data Analyst II

Born and raised in the Midwest, Blane was brought to us through the good word of a fellow employee. He was motivated to make the switch from his job at Raymond James after hearing about the impact that CU Strategic Planning’s clients make on the communities they serve. He’s a firm believer that financial education and empowerment can make a huge change in our world.

In his previous position he kept the ship running smoothly by coordinating meetings, supporting financial advisors, and generally making sure that all I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. Precision and thoroughness go hand-in-hand in Blane’s work.

But not only at work: in his off hours, you’ll find him working out in the gym he’s built in his garage or consulting with his personal training clients—another example of his drive to help others grow and improve.

When he finally stops to rest he enjoys relaxing on the sofa with his wife, alongside their dog Cooper and cat Steve.

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