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Jess Key

AVP, Client Relations & Project Management

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, when asked, Jessica (known in the office as "Jess") likes to say that her many years of touring with the circus brought her to the Pacific Northwest. When asked for additional details, she inevitably becomes mysterious and quiescent.

Jess is responsible for the overwhelming task of overseeing the collection and management of all of the data we gather from our clients. While we may have reason to doubt that Jess' skills include the trapeze or corralling elephants into the center ring, she certainly does a great job of corralling information for CU Strategic Planning!

Jess came to CU Strategic Planning with a work history that included retail management and child care, giving her the proven ability to remain calm amidst our chaos. Jess’ attention to detail helps us keep organized and manage all the data required to do our jobs.

Jess likes quiet evenings reading, doing yoga, thrifting, cooking strictly vegan meals and spending time with her husband and two cats. She also spends a prodigious amount of time caring for her 85 houseplants. (In a very small home that currently has nine and a half houseplants per square foot.)

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