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Kristen King

Certification Specialist I

Kristen was raised by a mother who was a professional clown and a father who was a pastor—so it makes sense that she radiates positivity, enthusiasm and understanding. And while now what she juggles are all the components of CDFI certification, we could probably throw a few bowling pins into the mix and it wouldn’t phase her a bit.

She first got her chance to become involved in community development during her time in Senegal as a Peace Corps volunteer. From there, Kristen’s worked with a variety of nonprofits focused on a range of community-oriented causes, from refugee resettlement to parenting support. She was attracted to CU Strategic Planning by the culture and the passion she sees in the staff, and appreciates the atmosphere of collaboration and support.

Kristen grew up in Ohio, receiving her undergraduate degree from Elmhurst University and her MBA from Bowling Green State University. She currently lives in Seattle, where she immediately settled into the local lifestyle of hiking and rock climbing.

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