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Credit Union Partnerships That Drive Loans

Partnership Development

Start Leveraging the Power of Partnerships to Drive ROA.

Real partnerships are mutually beneficial, not philanthropy. A partner is an organization the credit union works with to achieve a shared goal. Credit unions do great good in the community, but have a larger impact working with partners that refer consumers directly to their loan officers. A partner is so much more than a non-profit or community event you sponsor.

CU Strategic Planning Services:

  • Identification and vetting of partners.

  • Introduction of partner to credit union executive team.

  • Negotiation of roles, resources, and responsibilities with partners.

  • Writing Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) for partnerships.

  • Identifying product and service needs of partner's pipeline of consumers.

  • Coalition building.

  • Quantifying and tracking impacts.

  • Financial projections and ROI.


Learn about using First Voice to develop a comprehensive partnership strategy unique to your credit union and community.

How Our Partnerships are Different:

  • Traditional partnerships: Credit unions donate to non-profits and sponsor community events.

  • Our partnerships: Credit union and non-profits collaborate to achieve mutual goals to improve consumer's financial lives. Non-profits refer clients. Credit unions provide products. Non-profits mitigate risk.

Credit Union Benefits:​

  • Significantly increase loan growth through new pipelines.

  • Increase yield on loans.

  • Decrease marketing expenses.

  • Decrease staff time dedicated to collections.

Learn about our loan growth consulting.


  • When loans grow and yield on loans increases, ROA follows. Loan growth and ROA improvement are what Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union experienced immediately when it engaged CU Strategic Planning. It was transformative. At year-end 2012, ROA was .25% and loan growth 1.7%. By 2013 loan growth doubled, and it doubled again in 2014. Today loan growth is 14.18%, and ROA is an incredible 1.14%!


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