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Dee Boyd

Senior Coordinator, Business Development

Dee combines organization, analytical thinking, a positive outlook and boundless energy into one package. With most of her career having been in the world of marketing and communications, she has the client-focused insight that helps the Business Development team shine with schedule coordination, client research, and meeting prep.

She was drawn to CU Strategic Planning after seeing the support that credit unions provide to small businesses, having been a small business owner herself. Now her work supports credit unions in underserved communities all over the country that are providing innovative programs to help small and micro businesses grow and thrive. A firm believer in community service, she’s part of an organization that does volunteer work several times a month spanning the gamut from blood drives to scholarship fundraising to business education initiatives that include financial advice.

Dee lives in a suburb north of Manhattan, describing it as offering the best that both New York City and New York State have to offer. She enjoys time with her family and in the outdoors, including walks with her Spanish greyhound. Continuing the family legacy of Syracuse University alumni, she graduated with a degree in international relations. Despite being a native New Yorker, you’ll find her cheering the Steelers during football season.

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