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Jessica LaRocca

AVP, Strategic Planning Services

With nearly two decades of dedicated service in executive leadership roles within the credit union movement, Jessica is deeply committed to helping credit unions thrive while making a positive impact on their communities. Her career is a testament to the ability to blend analytical acumen with insightful strategies, providing comprehensive consulting services that drive success.

Throughout her journey, she has many accomplishments including as a turn-around CEO, achieving a remarkable increase in the loan-to-share ratio from 35% to over 85% within two years. She has successfully managed merger acquisitions while concurrently boosting membership and profitability and has led credit unions through pivotal transitions, such as core conversions, field of membership expansions, branch construction, development and implementation of strategic partnerships and innovative products.

At the core of her professional life lies an unwavering passion for empowering credit unions to flourish and better serve their communities. She firmly believes that strategic planning is the cornerstone of success and is dedicated to skillfully guiding credit unions through a thorough analysis of their financials, market dynamics, and organizational culture to formulate strategies that genuinely benefit them. Jessica’s commitment to helping credit unions and underserved communities is evident through her certification as a Credit Union Development Educator.

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