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Kathleen Falotico


Vice President, Human Resources

Back in our formative years, Kathleen was CU Strategic Planning’s first employee—a fact she’s proud of to this day.

Over the last two decades, Kathleen has worked nearly every front and back-line position at credit unions both large and small. Her last role at a large Seattle-based credit union was as the lead developer of staff training and development. This broad collection of experiences means that Kathleen “gets” credit unions.

Kathleen is an expert at process improvement, with specialized certifications in Deming’s management philosophy. When family moves drew her away from CU Strategic Planning a few years ago, she honed her expertise as a project manager—a skill she brought back to our team when she rejoined us in 2019.

Kathleen is part of a military family, which means that her home community is a constantly moving target that’s a source of continual adventure. Outside of work, Kathleen spends time with her two children and husband enjoying the great outdoors or catching a newly released film. An avid reader, the best part of Kathleen’s day continues to be the time she spends catching up with her husband on the porch after the kids are put to bed and the world is at peace.

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