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Patrick Davis

AVP, Grant Finance

Patrick Davis developed a superpower of observation during his more than 20 years in accounting and finance. He believes it is better to listen to others (and numbers) more than talking, because learning follows the proper amount of listening.

He’s put that power to good use improving the financial performance and providing financial analysis to diverse industries from education and manufacturing to credit unions.

Patrick came to CU Strategic Planning for the opportunity to serve various communities with different circumstances. He always sees the glass half-full and wants to make that reality possible for the people credit unions serve in the most distressed communities across America.

Patrick is a Certified Public Accountant with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from McNeese State University and MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Outside of CU Strategic Planning he is his wife’s biggest fan—followed, not even in the same league, by a love of sports and concerts. He is a fantastic father to two daughters 21 and 26.

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