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Tanya Stephens

Office Manager

Tanya is the type of person who’s already on her way to finding a solution before others even realize there’s a problem. As Office Manager she makes sure all our systems keep running without interruption during concurrent high-priority projects, system upgrades, office moves and with staff scattered across the entire country.

Even though she seems to manage all this as naturally as breathing, admin work isn’t Tanya’s first career. She spent 10 years working as a hospital lab assistant, where a day might see her preparing cultures, drawing blood, or even assisting in the occasional autopsy. She became the office manager for the lab and from there moved on to other, less anatomical settings. She has extensive experience working for nonprofits and serves on the boards of three charities that serve animals and children.

Tanya was drawn to CU Strategic Planning by the company culture and loves that in her role she’s been able to grow and work with every department. And no chance of medical specimens in the work refrigerator!

With a childhood in Illinois and most of her adulthood spent in Southern California, she now lives in the Puget Sound with one dog and two cats, and loves to hike, photograph nature and explore. She has six children and nine grandchildren.

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