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  • Jamie Strayer

Secrets to Winning a $1 Million CDFI Grant Webinar

Learn the secrets of the #1 CDFI grant writing team in the credit union industry. Hear directly from Chief Strategic & Advocacy Officer, Mike Beall as he discusses the keys to winning a CDFI award. You'll learn how CU Strategic Planning helped over 200 credit unions obtain CDFI certification, winning over $100 million in grants resulting in a $5 billion increase in lending. Don't let the 527 pages of application materials and federal guidance intimidate you. Ask Mike questions to increase the quality of your application this year—before it's too late.

Credit Union CDFI Grant Secrets

Participate on April 18 at 12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 PDT EST and you'll learn...

  • how to avoid application traps.

  • what the CDFI Fund is most likely to fund.

  • the real scoop on the 527-page application. Even if you've already started your grant, join this interactive discussion and get critical insights before it's too late.

CDFI Grant Webinar

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