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Arapahoe Credit Union CDFI Certification Approved

CU Strategic Planning leads industry, maintains 100% approval record

Arapahoe CU received its Community Development Financial Institution certification this year. The credit union enlisted CU Strategic Planning, the No. 1 CDFI certification and grant consultancy for credit unions, to guide the team toward a successful result for the credit union and its members.

“Arapahoe Credit Union is excited to be able to expand our existing commitment to our local communities,” Arapahoe CU CEO Scott Ferndelli said. “Adding resources will allow us to reach even more lower income consumers and help improve their financial well-being.”

Receiving certification opens a number of possibilities for Arapahoe to improve service to its members. Shauna Exstrom, vice president of corporate administration, said the credit union would be seeking grant funding through the Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund. She explained further, “A grant would greatly expand Arapahoe CU’s ability to reach an underserved segment of our community. These resources could be used in a variety of ways, from increased communication to offsetting loan losses.”

While CU Strategic Planning Director of Certification Services Carrie Ostrem has enjoyed the opportunity to guide scores of the company’s clients through the CDFI certification process, each one is special and unique. “Arapahoe CU’s commitment to serving its community’s most vulnerable is energizing and infectious. We were very happy to help the credit union unlock the opportunities in its local Denver community,” she said.

“CU Strategic Planning provided fantastic communication and coordination,” Arapahoe CU COO Christine Eckhardt said. “The process was a bit intensive, but the support and guidance Arapahoe CU received was incredibly efficient, timely and helpful.”


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