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Credit Unions Are Saving Families from COVID's Financial Destruction

Consumers are in shock; we all are. They are looking for help. Credit unions and CDFIs are needed now more than ever before.

As consumer advocates, credit union and CDFI champions, CU Strategic Planning's staff decided to use their research and knowledge to help struggling families find solid ground. This guide provides practical tips to help good people weather the storm.

Credit unions and CDFIs may request the document as a template to create their own materials for consumers.

Tips for Consumers in the Guide:

  • What to do about difficulty paying rent

  • Access to emergency cash

  • Holding on to the cash you have

  • Protecting your credit

Essential Lessons:

  • What is predatory lending?

  • How to ensure missed payments aren't reported to the credit bureau improperly.

  • Why a not-for-profit credit union will help.

  • What is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDF)?

  • Where to find credit unions and CDFIs.


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