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Developing New Credit Union Products

Product Development

Products Designed to Increase Credit Union ROA and Drive a Double Bottom Line


Strategic product development increases community impacts and revenue for the credit union. Our ROA, policy and product experts know how to design products to mitigate risk, drive applications and approvals. Our products are national best practices, winning $135 million in CDFI grants and featured by the Filene Research Institute.

CU Strategic Planning Services:


  • Identify unique product and service needs in your field of membership (FOM).

  • Competitive analysis to identify market gap opportunities.

  • Evaluate and enhance existing products.

  • Develop new products tailored to the FOM.

  • Analyze pricing and features for accessibility.

  • Provide policy guidance to mitigate risk and increase approvals.

  • Create flexible collateral and underwriting options.

  • Develop risk-mitigating features and supplemental products.

  • Learn about using First Voice to guide new product development.

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