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CU Strategic Planning Hires and Promotes for Growth

Up to 20 new hires this year!

For more than a decade, credit unions have discovered the full suite of services CU Strategic Planning has to offer community development credit unions, and now the company is growing by leaps and bounds.

As a result, CU Strategic Planning is proud to announce the following promotions:

  • Carrie Ostrem, AVP, Certification Services

  • Kathleen Falotico, AVP, Operations

  • Sydney Moreau, Certification Specialist

Additionally, Rick Thomas, who has worked with CU Strategic Planning as a contractor, was hired to the position of vice president of Community Development & Transformation. Alongside grant fulfillment, he will be actively engaged in our other client-based projects, such as strategic planning.

CU Strategic Planning will also be adding new team members. CU Strategic Planning Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Ronaldo Hardy is recruiting for two new community development managers. The company is also hiring two additional admin positions, one of which will be filling an entirely new position.

“The new supplemental appropriations bill passed by Congress added fuel to our growth plans,” CU Strategic Planning CEO Stacy Augustine said. “We and our community development credit unions will be busier than ever. As the country moves forward, we plan to continue provide the best service we can for our credit union partners.”


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