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CU Strategic Planning Applauds Selection of Ronaldo Hardy as the Next CEO of NACUSO

CU Strategic Planning recognized Ronaldo Hardy’s talents and innovative spirit long before he joined the company as an owner and is proud that he’s been named the next president/CEO of NACUSO.

Hardy joined CU Strategic Planning to launch its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Accessibility practice in October 2019. Since that time, he’s achieved significant accomplishments as an owner of the firm. His DEIBA consulting and thought leadership has touched the lives of nearly 2,500 credit union employees and nearly one million credit union members through 150 credit unions and industry organizations.

“We’re excited to see the impact Ronaldo will have at NACUSO, an organization founded on sparking collaboration and innovation within the credit union community,” CU Strategic Planning CEO Stacy Augustine said.

She continued, “Ronaldo’s legacy during his time at CU Strategic Planning has been organizational change. CU Strategic Planning and many of our credit unions are more inclusive, diverse and equitable organizations as a result of Ronaldo’s efforts.” When he joined CU Strategic Planning, it was a much smaller organization and his was one of the only faces of color. Today, the company comprises 22% Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

“CU Strategic Planning looks forward to continuing its DEIBA journey and incorporating its work with CDFIs,” Augustine concluded.

Hardy also hosts Opportunity Knock$, the Telly award-winning PBS series created by CU Strategic Planning Founder/Owner Jamie Strayer. The reality show, inspired by her work with Community Development Financial Institutions, features CDFI-certified credit unions and nonprofits guiding families from the brink of financial ruin to financial empowerment.


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